Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unending Chase I

Chapter 1
'Hello ... hello .... Rut I am in a big trouble ... please come downtown .. Near Deccan Bus stand .. and come fast ..
'Hey Abhi .. at least tell me what happened ... and why you are talking on phone when you are driving bike?
'No dear.. can't tell you now .. don't have enough time to explain ... please rush .. come here as soon as possible ...'
'Okay Man...'

I really don't understand what the hell Abhiram is doing there. Ruturaj was talking in his mind.
He was guessing what he has to do there at Deccan. He took his car key from drawer of corner chest kept near door. And suddenly he stopped. He realized he can't park his Sedan car at Deccan Bust stand due to dense traffic at Deccan stand so he opened drawer again and took out his bike's key. He was not having time to take helmet, and he started to descend down the stairs. On bike, Ruturaj was just thinking of what must have gone wrong with Abhiram, why Abhiram was so tensed. He didn't understand when he crossed Nal Stop Bridge. After 30 mins drive from Chandani Chowk, he reached at Deccan Bus stop he pulled over his bike in Parking area. And he realized he didn't ask Abhiram where to come near Deccan bus stop. Now he was wondering which direction to go, towards right on JM Road or towards left on Karve road.
He put his hands in his jeans pocket to take cell phone out of pocket .. 'Oh Shit !!' Ruturaj yelled "I forgot cell at home ..". He didn't have time to go all the way to Chandani Chowk and take his cell to call Abhiram. He was thinking what can be done to contact Abhiram.
He saw few Police vehicles going towards River Bank. He decided to follow them. He ignited bike's engine and started following Police van. After 2-3 mins drive police vehicles stopped. Ruturaj killed engine, parked his bike at curb and he walked 100 - 150 steps towards river bank... he felt something weird, he was thinking in his mind .. "Not a single vehicle in this area? how it can be possible? this area is always crowded .. what's happened here?" .. Ruturaj was hoping he would get answers to all his questions once he meet Abhiram.
Ruturaj was following police now .. his mind was blank, he was following blindly.
He stopped suddenly, he was shocked to see Abhiram's bike lying dead on road. Petrol from his bike was flowing like blood flowing from murdered body. He looked around bike and shouted loudly 'Abhiram ... Abhi ... where are you ?'. Sound from his throat ceased when somebody held his shoulder from backside. He turned around. "Do you know Abhiram?" question came from Inspector wearing khaki shirt and khaki pant. 'Ye .. Yes ... Yes ..' Ruturaj was stammering. "Okay, tell me your name" .. "Ruturaj .." he told while wiping sweat from his face with his palms.. "Ok, tell me full name.." Inspector was staring at him. "Ruturaj Gupta" He kept his answer short. "How do you know Abhiram ?" one more question from Inspector. "Sir, he is my friend we run small garment manufacturing firm in partnership, and I will answer all your questions .. but please tell me what happened with Abhiram, and why you are asking so many questions about Abhiram?" Ruturaj finally asked inspector.
"I am Sumant Khanvilkar, I was investigating one murder case from last 3 months and we were having some clues with respect to that case. Today morning our investigating department traced one mail having name and bank card details of victim of this case. So we found out person who sent this mail. We tapped his phone lines and we came to know there is one meeting for transferring money which is related to this murder, I don't have details of this meeting and more important I can't share anymore information of this to you. Now come with me to police station. Abhiram is in custody, we arrested him at meeting place. When we approached to him he started running away on bike and we chased him and caught him. Come now ... fast ...get up" said Inspector.

Chapter 2
"So tell me about your friend .." Inspector Sumant Khanvilkar started interviewing Ruturaj in interview room of Deccan police station.

"Sir, he is very cool guy. we are friends since we were in engineering college. That time we were not fast friends as we are now, but we used to meet for coffee during tea breaks. He had different friend group in college. All of them were from rich families. Abhiram is from middle class family and probably so he wanted to earn money as much as he can. He gave this business idea to me and told me how we can make money from this. I was surprised when he came to me with this idea. I thought that he felt I am from rich family and so he approached me. Once I asked him how come you came to me to get finance for business. He told me that he knew I am quite sincere and sober than all his friends. And so I will give my 100% dedication for this business. And yes I am from rich family, don't know fortunately or unfortunately my parents are not as free as his other friends. I mean, my parents are little orthodox. They think I should stand on my feet. I should learn how to earn money. So they gave 75% share to start this business. And Abhiram took loan from bank for his 25% share. He is also handling marketing and sales for our firm. And really he is good at it. I don't think Abhiram is anyway involved in this murder. I can't even imagine if he can do any such murder or so..." Ruturaj wanted to speak further but he stopped as inspector
"No, on the other hand he always pays to bank on 5th of every month. He showed me bank record. And he was telling me with this rate he can close loan in next 4-5 years. And after that there won't be any dues on our firm. Importantly I am not involved in any documentation of this loan as this amount is to be paid to the bank is from his share of company profit." Inspector Khanvilkar was silent now. He was thinking something. He took cigarette packet from his packet to light, but he realized he can't smoke in police station, so he shoved cigarette back in packet. "Sir, can I meet Abhi now?" .. "Hmmm .. yes .. " he shouted loudly "Shinde, come here take this gentleman to Abhiram, the person who we just put in custody...."
Ruturaj was thinking what he can ask Abhiram first. "Should I ask if he is involved? Nah, this would be suspicious. He will think I am also not trusting him. So should I ask how is he? hmm.. he is in custody man he is not going to be good anyway.."
While talking in mind, Police assistant Shinde told him to sit on bench and wait till he takes Abhiram out of custody. Ruturaj started thinking again but immediately after few seconds Shinde came with Abhiram. "Thank god Rut, you are here .. I am sorry friend for all this trouble. But I couldn't think any other friend who can help me to get out of this... can you please call any lawyer I want to get bail and get out of this hell ... " Abhiram started discussion so Ruturaj was happy as he was free to talk and ask anything now. He asked "Tell me what happened ... I will call lawyer and will explain this to him". "I don't know why police started chasing me there at Deccan. I was waiting for my friend. I lent him 1 Lakh rupees six months ago. Today he told me he will give 80K to me and remaining after 2 weeks. And he told me to wait on Z-Bridge. Suddenly Police came and told me to freeze. I stood still, I didn't move. One person from police group held my collar tightly. I was talking to them. They were asking something about meeting. Suddenly I got message from that friend, he can see me and these people are not from police department. These are fake. And he told me to run away as fast as I can. So I gave sharp jerk to person holding my collar, and I started bike and tried to run away. But they started chasing me in police jeep. They fired bullet on my bike tire. I tried to dodge it but bike slipped off the road. I fell down. My ankle is still bleeding .. see ... "

"Okay.. and you called me when you were driving?" Ruturaj started playing inspector's role. "Yes Rut. I was helpless. I wanted to call someone who can take responsibility if anything happens to me. So I called you. I have your number set in my fast dial numbers. So I just needed to press my call button of headset thrice." Abhiram explained.
"Hmmmm.. Got you .. let me call my friend. He knows defense lawyers. And I will tell inspector to send somebody to look at your ankle. Bye for now. Will get back to you soon.. don't worry. It will be fine just sit tight."

Chapter 3
Ruturaj was surprised to see Abhay Mokashi. He started thinking 'I always imagined lawyer will look like an old age man. With less hair on head and with white beard. But he is so young, can he handle any defense case?'  
"Hello Mr. Gupta, I am Abhay. I passed my law degree in 2007. And from past 4 years I am practicing. Wanted to apply for prosecution lawyer post but unfortunately I couldn't make it. So started my business. Anyways tell me what happened if you don’t have any questions for me." 
Ruturaj told him what was told to him. 
"Okay .. seems Abhiram unknowingly got involved in this case. There shouldn't be a problem to get bail and take him out of custody. It's very late now to go to police station. Let me call them to check if I can go there and get some papers to start to work on this case." Abhay was talking with confidence in his eyes. 
"Hello, this is Abhay Mokashi. I got case of Abhiram Sharma. Can I get some information now if I came to police station". 
Ruturaj got impressed with his accent. Abhay was stern and confident. He must have got positive answer because of which he stood from his rolling chair while talking on phone. "Hey, I need to go to police station. I will call you if I need anything. You may leave now. And be calm, I know you are tensed with this situation." 
"Yes, I am tired, I haven't taken any food since afternoon. I have never gone to Police Station except for passport inquiry and today I spent half a day in Police station for Murder case!" Ruturaj started thinking again .. 
"Hey...  you alright?" Ruturaj came back to present tense with this question. 
"Yes ..yes... I am starving .. can we get something to eat and then go to police station if you don't mind" .... Ruturaj didn't know lawyer asked him to go home and take rest. Abhay ignored his ignorance and agreed with him. They stopped at McDonald on JM road. Abhay ordered two chicken burgers and diet coke. Ruturaj was searching for vacant table. Abhay came towards him with 2 parcels in one hand and two paper mug tray in other hand. "Hey, lets seat in car, we can talk. I need to tell you few things. And we can enjoy nice music also .. ". 
"Your description gives me a picture of innocent Abhiram. He didn't know that his friend is playing game him. What I can see is Abhiram financed for planned murder. And while investigating, police find one clue from phone call of planned meeting to transfer cash funds. In legal terms, Police doesn't have any proof of direct involvement of Abhiram in murder crime. And being present at meeting place can't be a reason for his arrest. And luckily Abhiram was not having money when he got caught. So this should be easy to get him out.  Just we can be in trouble for phone calls. This can be used to prove Abhiram's relation with Murder case. So his friend is the key to prove Abhiram is innocent. Anyways .. Abhiram will get bail easily. And I also need to talk to him tomorrow once he gets out."
Abhay was explaining things to Ruturaj. 
"Okay, that's good." Ruturaj kept reply short.
 "And about my fees, I charge 10K for single meeting. You can assign me on this case if you want. I will take total fee of 25K for first hearing. I hope this case shouldn't go more than 2-3 hearings. And I accept cheques." Abhay was showing his marketing skills by impressing Ruturaj with case details and telling fees after that. 
"okay, I will give cheque tomorrow I don't have it with me right now, I hope this should be fine with you." Ruturaj was keeping replies short as he was very tired.
"Okay, no problem. And one thing if you want we can hire one investigator to find out Abhiram's friend and his details. My investigator takes 5K fee for one case. If you want I will negotiate it to 3K". 
"That should be fine .. " Ruturaj didn't bother to say anything other than this.

They both reached Deccan Police station after 10 mins drive from McDonald. Abhay signed  some papers. He took investigation reports from inspector Khanvilkar. He shook hand with him. "Hey Ruturaj, Abhiram can get out tomorrow morning. Sorry, he needs to be in custody tonight. We need to have Judge's sign on bail papers as he is charged under a murder case. This is a non-bail able offence. So we need to prove in front of judge that Abhiram is not involved in this murder. I will do it tomorrow morning. And will come here to take Abhiram out of lockup, let’s go home now, Good night Ruturaj".
"Good night ..  Can you please drop me at Deccan Bus stop if possible"
"Yeah, sure".
They both ensconced in Abhay's car. Ruturaj was sitting on front seat. He saw file kept on dashboard. "Is this file is having all police investigation documents?" Ruturaj asked the lawyer. "Yes, with all details of charges they are putting on Abhiram", Lawyer answered. "So this will have Abhiram’s statement? "
"Yes, of course".
Ruturaj opened investigation file, he started reading Abhiram's statement. It was same as he was told by Abhiram. But in addition to that it was having Abhiram's friend's name and address with his occupation.
Ruturaj was surprised as he didn't ask Abhiram who is this friend.
"Abhay, I know Abhiram's friend !!"
"You know him?"
"Yes, I didn't ask Abhiram about his friend, but I just read his details in Abhiram's statement. You were telling me something about investigator. Can I join him? Probably I can also give some information to him." Ruturaj was excited suddenly after reading name of friend.

 Chapter 4

"Your Honor, to start this case I will mention murder case for which Deccan police handcuffed Abhiram if you permit to do so." Veena Rao prosecution lawyer opened case with her soft and sweet voice.
"Go ahead" - Judge replied.
"Vikram Rai, well known businessman was murdered on a party day. He got new contract for constructing India's largest mall. So he decided to give party to all friends who helped him getting this contract. In that party, somebody poisoned Vikram. Our investigation shows he drunk a drink having poison. We didn't find any other glass with poison. Postmortem report shows Vikram never handled poison with his hands. So he on his own didn't mix poison in his glass. So there should be somebody else who mixed it. Police department interviewed all his invitees for party. Abhiram was one of the invitees."

Abhay and Ruturaj were looking at each other. They were shocked. Abhay whispered in Ruturaj's ear "God Damn, Police investigation file was not having this!!"
Ruturaj was thinking something different ...

Veena Rao continued ... "This is his interview sheet, we didn't find anything suspicious in his interview. And day before yesterday we got information about a meeting with respect to Vikram's murder. Vikram's name was mentioned in mail with his bank details. On same day, after we traced this mail, 10 crores transferred from Vikram's account to Vilas Gupta's account. We tapped Vilas Gupta's phone and we came to know he is giving hard cash to somebody on Deccan stand. Police went there to keep tab and take custody of this big amount. There Abhiram was waiting, when we approached him he started running away. Police fired bullet and arrested him. See this file having permission to tap Vilas's phone, and arrest report."

Ruturaj again whispered "10 crores!! this is going hard ... real hard.. "
Abhiram's face turned white after listening to prosecution lawyer. He was afraid now.

"That's it from my side your honor." Veena Rao finished prosecution opening statement.

"Your Honor, Prosecution is accusing my client for a murder case, they don't have proof to prove it." Abhay was firing his gun now on defense opening statement in regional court where he applied for bail. He continued, "This is very clear, being caught at meeting location will not prove anything. There are so many people we can see on Deccan Stand. And Sorry to say but police depart has not given me Vikram's murder case file. They just handed me file of Abhiram's arrest. So I believe this hearing should be limited only for my client's arrest. I can't counter argue on his presence at Vikram's party. But we need to concentrate on one thing, prosecution is not showing any proof if Abhiram is murderer. Police Department is not having any evidence because they are not showing finger print report to court. And as my dear friend didn't mentioned about match of finger prints taken on glass with my client's finger prints. So without any evidence they want to keep my client in custody. He should get bail for this. And police department should summon defense if they are putting case of Vikram's murder on my client. Documents of my client's arrest filled right now are for only for money handover." Abhay took over all attention now. He defeated prosecution lawyer with his cards.
Abhiram and Ruturaj looked relaxed now. Ruturaj was confused, he wanted to be happy but something was bothering him now.
'10 crores !! Abhi told me 1 Lakh !! I need to check with him first on this' Ruturaj lost in his thoughts ...

"Okay, I approve Abhiram's bail. But he needs to go to Police station whenever they call him." Judge announced.

"Abhiram and Ruturaj, I give you 30 mins. Do what you want to do in this 30 mins. Meet me after 30 mins in my office. I need to talk to you both. If you came late I won't take this case. I want to know everything from start. I will need your complete day if you want me on this case" Abhay was aggressive now....

Chapter 5:

"Abhiram, I want to know everything from start. But before you start let me introduce you to my investigator Raj. I have told what I was knowing last night to Raj. He just reached here so couldn't tell anything what happened today in court. But I insist you start, Raj will get an idea what I want to mention in our discussion" Abhay ordered looking at Abhiram.
"Yes, I know Vikram Rai. Vilas my friend works for him. On party day, I went there with Vilas. And I left party before Vikram died. I met to Vikram. I put a proposal of garment stall in his new mall. I thought we can make good money if we get entry to his mall."
Abhay interrupted Abhiram, "Tell me about Vilas.. he is the rascal who dig grave for you!"
"I know Vilas from college days. He is pretty trustworthy. So I lent him 1 Lakh rupees six months ago. He told me he will return it in 1 year. But he called me on yesterday and told to come at Deccan and he told me he will give me 80K now and 20K after some time. I went there and when police came to me he sent me message. See this message". He took out his cell and handed over to Raj.
"Did you ever asked him why he needs 1 Lakh?" Abhay didn't want any break in discussion.
"No, I felt little odd to ask this.." Abhiram replied.
Abhay nodded and started noting down something on his write pad.
"Do you know what he does?, where he works? if he has taken money from any other person?" Abhay restarted questioning.
"No, I am afraid. I know him from college days. I met him once in alumni meet in college. And we started meeting after that. He lives near to me, so he used to come on my terrace where we have drinks party. Once I asked him where he works. He told me some construction institution name. And he told me he is going to start his own business of construction design."
"Raj, you need to find him. Probably police department must have started looking for him. We need him, he is the key to open door to get out of this. Abhiram, did you ever speak with Vikram before party?"
"Yes, on call. Vilas introduced me with him over phone call. I asked him if I can meet him for this proposal. He told me to come to party. So I went there with Vilas."
"Did you come to know about this mall from Vilas?"
"Ok, Ruturaj you can join Raj for his task. Abhiram you should go home. We are pretty good. We should come out of this. Judge has decided to keep hearing tomorrow to check if prosecution can file murder case against Abhiram. We need to prove them Abhiram was unknown about Vilas's intentions. And let police department investigate further with Vilas."
Abhay concluded this meeting.

Raj and Ruturaj went to given address. Initially they decided to keep tab on Vilas's house. So they both remained seated in car. They kept their eyes on Vilas's house door, balcony, windows for almost 30 mins. No movement observed in his house. After 30 mins Raj told Ruturaj to be in car, and he went up to Vilas's house. Vilas's house was locked, so he pressed bell of neighbor's house. Old lady opened the door. 
"Hello Aunty, I am Vilas's friend, do you know if Vilas went out? and when is he coming back?". Raj asked old neighbor.
"I am not sure whom are you referring to, this house belongs to Akash Nayar. There is no Vilas in our building." She replied.
Raj was shocked and was wondering what to ask now. 
"I am sorry Aunty, I think I entered in wrong building. Can I ask you one more question?"
"Okay" she said reluctantly
"Please give me 2 mins, I have my friend's photo in car. Let me take it from car. Please help me if you can identify if Akash Nayar is the friend I want to meet to. I think he must be living here with different name." Raj asked with fear of getting identified for following Vilas.
"Wait a min. Who are you? What you want? I can't help you." Old lady was about to shut the door. 
"Aunty, please listen to me, I am a private investigator. I am working on one case. I got this address of Vilas. So I want you to identify him if he is living here with different name. Please aunty .. please ... " Raj started pleading for help. 
She waited for 2 secs and opened door again. Raj went downstairs and climbed stairs with Vilas's photograph. He was thinking in his mind 'Thank god I downloaded Vilas's photo from Abhiram's Orkut account. And Ruturaj confirmed that photo of Vilas.'
"Yes, he is Akash Nayar. I don't know if he uses his name as Vilas. He is living here from past 6 months. He told he works for some construction company. He used to come very late at night. But I never felt he will do anything wrong. Strange ... " She was talking freely with Raj and Ruturaj now.
"Aunty, when you saw him last?" Raj asked old lady.
"I think I saw him day before yesterday. He was carrying large bag. I thought he is going out of city." 
"Did you see him after that?" Raj was asking questions in hurry.
"No, I don't think he came back" She replied with sigh after answer, which indicated she wanted to end this question-answer session. 
"Thank you Aunty!" Raj got up. Signaled Ruturaj to get up quickly.

"Raj, I think there is some connection of last 6 months period, Abhiram lent 1 Lakh to Vilas 6 months ago. I think he must have used them to pay deposit of this flat" Ruturaj was giving his thoughts while going down the stairs. They came back to car. 
"Just a minute" Raj started climbing stairs again. He banged on old lady's door. 
"Aunty, extremely sorry to bother you again. Who is owner of this flat? Can I get contact number?" Raj was breathing heavily. 
"yes, I am owner of this flat" She answered.
"What!! Ok tell me if Vilas or Abhay gave you deposit of 1 Lakh 6 months ago?"
"No, he payed 80K for deposit, and 20K for one month rent" 
"How he payed it to you, by cheque or cash?"
"Cash, his one friend came on that day, I don't remember his name."
Raj took out his cell and handed it to her "Is this guy came to you to give you money?"
"Yes, probably yes. On that day he was with his sunglasses so I'm not 100% sure. And this happened 6 Months ago .. and ...."
"Okay.. thanks Aunty.." Raj interrupted her and Raj came downstairs in few seconds.
He looked at Ruturaj with grin on his face .. "You are right man ... you are right...."

Chapter 6:

"Tell me what heppened, why you are so excited?" Abhay asked Raj after 2 mins since at their meeting place.
"Abhay, we are clear. Prosecution wants to put case against Abhiram for financing murder of Vikram Rai. But he has not given money to Vilas for murder. He lent it for deposit and rent amount for Vilas's house." Raj explained what he got from old lady.
"Are you sure? how we can prove this in court?"
"I am an investigator not lawyer man! I can get you witness who will testify that Abhiram gave 1 Lakh rupees for Vilas's house rent. Then ball would be in your court. You think how to bat."
"Ahhh, Okay. I got you. So you got witness. Can we go and meet witness today? I need to explain some things to witness and I don't want any surprises as we got today"
"Yes sure. Let me call and take her appointment" Raj first time mentioned witness is lady.

Raj and Abhay went to meet old lady. Ruturaj went home to take rest he was chasing things from last 30 Hours. Abhiram was sleeping at his home. Probably he was assured with his lawyer's confidence or it might be tiredness he had in custody.

Sun started setting, Ruturaj called Abhay for status. Abhay explained him how is going to handle case next morning also he told he has submitted witness list to prosecution. Abhay was confidant. He had his card in his pocket and he knew prosecution can't put case of murder for paying house rent of a person who may be involved in murder. This was simple, this was clear. Abhay was sure, he gonna win his first individual case. Alas he was happy with his thoughts.

Next day morning, Abhay, Abhiram, Ruturaj met in his office. They went to court in Abhay's car. Abhay called Raj and checked status if witness left from home. He got affirmative answer.

"Your Honor, I would like to call Mrs. Jagdale, owner of Vilas's house as my first witness" Abhay started with testimonies of witnesses after initial process in court.
Mrs. Jagdale came and stood in witness box.
"Mrs. Jagdale you own this house where person with name Vilas or Akash who so ever was living?" Abhay started testimony.
"By any chance, did you know this person before you rent your house?"
"No, he came to me after reading Ad in news paper."
"Do you know Abhiram, person who is sitting there?"
"Yes, he came with 1 Lakh rupees to give for Akash's deposit and rent"
"Your Honor, Abhiram never financed for Vikram's murder. He lent money to Vilas for house deposit and rent. This file is having all documents if House Ownership, lease agreement, Rent receipts. On deposit receipt Abhiram has signed. So this proves Abhiram never financed money for murder. And Abhiram went there on Deccan Bus stand to get his money back from Vilas. And Abhiram was unknown of the fact that Vilas would give him his money stolen from Vikram's account. So this is clear, Abhiram is not involved in murder case. And I request you to declare my client not guilty in Vikram Rai's murder case"
Abhay finished with his first witness, he asked prosecution for cross examination.

Veena Roy took charge and she tried to ask questions like "Are you sure he is the same guy you saw on that day.." But prosecution side was already dented with Mrs. Jagdale's testimony.

After prosecution finished cross examination, Abhiram declared his next witness would be Abhiram himself.

Ruturaj and Abhiram were little surprised because Abhay never told them that Abhiram needs to testify.
"Abhiram, please explain what happened on the day of your arrest."
Abhiram started explaining all things as he told in his interview sheet.
"I got message from Vilas that he will return my 80K today at Deccan Bus Stop. And remaining 20K after some days. I went there at 12:00 Afternoon. And was waiting for him to come. Suddenly some police men came and held me. Then I got message from Vilas that he can see me and these are fake police so run away. And then I started running away on bike. They fired bullet on my bike tyre. I tried to dodge it but bike slipped off the road. I fell down."
"Have you shown this message to Police in interrogation?" Abhay interrupted him."Yes."
"Your honor, this is much more clear now. Abhiram is innocent. He lent money to Vilas being honest friend. And he was not aware if Vilas was involved in murder. I again request you to declare my client not guilty"
Abhay was impressive with his speech. He wanted to call inspector Sumant Khanvilkar for testimony but he avoided to avoid any further discussion on how Abhiram ran away. Abhay was playing smart, he didn't want Judge to hear his client ran away from police.

"That's it from my side, I would like to request prosecution to go for cross if they want to" Abhay finished his play with sarcasm in his tone.

"No questions" - Veena Roy replied. With her reply it was clear prosecution left hope of getting custody of Abhiram for murder case. Or probably they wanted some more time for investigation as prosecution mentioned in their form submitted in court.

"Evidence shows Abhiram lent money to his friend. And he was not aware if his friend is involved in murder. So I declare Abhiram not guilty for lending money for Vikram Rai's murder. I request Police Department to investigate more on Vikram Rai's murder." Judge announced.

Abhiram was happy, he was about to cry in joy. He gave hug to Ruturaj and told him "I owe you big time ... thank you friend .. thank you very much ..."
"hey, congrats .. I knew you are innocent and so I helped you dear." Ruturaj explained him.
Abhay approached Ruturaj and Abhiram, he handed over his bill. "Raj gonna take only 2K for his investigation as he thinks Ruturaj cracked this case down... ha ha ha .."
"Abhay, can you come at my house tonight .. we can have big party ... " Abhiram invited his lawyer.
"Hey Abhi, I am too tired today to hang out.. I haven't slept for 2 nights man...I was tensed. Can we make it tomorrow if you and Abhay don't have any problem" Ruturaj requested him.
"Yeah sure .. so we will meet tomorrow evening .. right?  .. and Abhay I will pay your bill there .. so you will come there atleast to take your fee .. ha ha ha" Abhiram laughed.

Chapter 7:

Ruturaj called Abhay next day morning.
"Abhay, this is Ruturaj. You got some time? I need to meet you."
"Yes. I am free today. Let's meet at my office. But what happened? you sound tensed" Abhay replied.
"will tell you when I meet you in 30 mins." Ruturaj cut the phone line. He was thinking of something. Something was wrong in this case ...

Ruturaj reached Abhay's office in time. He entered his office. He was surprised to see Raj also sitting with Abhay.
"Hey, Ruturaj. Good Morning .. what happened man?" Raj welcomed him.

"Abhay, something is wrong. I wanted to ask Abhiram first but then I thought I should check with you"
"Tell me what you want to check"

"First thing, Abhi showed us message he got from Vilas. Right?" Ruturaj started asking Raj and Abhay.
"Yes, right" Abhay replied.
"Sender name for that message on Abhi's cell phone was as Akash Nayar !!"
"What !! why you didn't ask Abhiram that time?" Abhay was surprised and was exclaimed with what he was hearing.
"Yes, I didn't ask because I noticed it but till that moment I was not sure if this Akash Nayar name was connected anyway to our case. And with all other discussion I forgot this somehow." Ruturaj was explaining how he forgot to mention this before hand.

"And this thing striked in my mind when Vilas's owner said Abhi signed rent and deposit reciept. Becuase if Abhi has signed rent reciept then he should know that Vilas is staying there with name as Akash Nayar. Right"

"Yes man, you are right." Raj started thinking for any other loops in Abhiram's testimony
"One more thing, Abhiram told in his testimony that he got message from Vilas that day morning to meet at Deccan!" Raj showed that line from file of case testimony print.
"And according to police record, they traced call with Vilas and so they find Abhiram at meeting point." Abhay was whispering now ... "Abhiram is lying ... something he is hiding .. something is wrong with him ... " Abhay finally spoke out pointing his first finger to testimony file.

"Should we call Instector?" Ruturaj asked Abhay.
"No. wait .. this case is closed. On legal front we have proved Abhiram is not involved anyway in this money handover. So now inspector doesn't have any proof to catch him again." Abhay replied his answer.

"So what we should do? I suspect Abhi is misusing company funds if he is involved in this money transfer. I want to investigate on this further. I want to save my ass from any kind of fraud. I cant bear any debt caused by Abhi's foolishness." Ruturaj was frustrated now.

"Do you have any bank document which shows this?" Abhay asked him.
"No". Ruturaj answered with more frustration.

"Then you can't blame or report inspector to investigate. I hope you are understanding what I am telling. You need base to put case on Abhiram." Abhay was trying to explain Ruturaj how things work.

"But we can tell Inspector about these things. right?" Ruturaj gave expression as Abhay is forgetting this point.

"But my friend court has accepted this statement. So inspector can't go back and catch him on basis of testimony and rent receipt which is already accepted by court. And yes we proved this to court!" Abhay was telling him how helpless they were.

"Okay! so will you guys work for me to find if Abhi is cheating me and company?" Ruturaj asked both Abhay and Raj.

Raj replied "affirmative" without seeing Abhay's reaction.

Abhay thought for two or more seconds and replied "Okay ....".


Murderer, Money, Fraud, Motive and every other link is covered in next part of this story. :) 
Will publish Second part soon, Stay tuned !

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Terrifying Traffic ...

Everybody driving in Pune must have something wrong with them, (Including me!). I always observe people just want to put their vehicle in any gap they can see on road and keep going ahead ! Then it doesn't matter if you are crossing road or you are taking round about exit or you are going from apposite direction side of the road !!

If you want to see to what extent people can be indisciplined on road, then come to Pune and stop at any road junction. We can see just disorder of going and upcoming vehicles. Not sure what happened to these all Pune people for not having patience for a single minute to wait while driving on road.

Irritating Pedestrians -

Pedestriens walking on road also need to think there are other vehicles also use road for commuting. Or rather I think people should not be allowed on road and road should be used only for vehicle traffic. Then question is what to do for people who walks .. answer is simple use 'footpath'. But our inefficient government is not providing footpaths on every road, and where they are constructed are used by sabji wale, pan tapari wale .... And so we should list these grievences to responsible person..

Impatient Drivers -
Pune's traffic police department should put very strict rules for driving on roads. And really people should learn to keep patience while driving. Just observing lane discipline can make significant improvement in Traffic jams.

Today's incidence only! due to load shading, traffic signals were not working and near Karishma chowk (karvenagar) vehicles started coming from all possible direction and what else we can expect when all vehicles on crossings try to go ahead, nothing else but huge chaos!!

Me and other 50-100 drivers were waiting for almost 30 mins to get a clear road. So I would like to request people to have 2-5 mins patience and let other vehicle cross/pass on road or chowk. So you will not lose your and other 100 people's precious 30-40 mins. I believe this is just a common sense, to let vehicle crossing road pass so other road will not block.

And there should be a mutual understanding to let vehicle pass off specific side.

So this is request to all my friends, colleagues, relatives .. let us decide to follow traffic rules and have some patience while driving this will definitely reduce traffic jams and life would be little easy on road. As we can't reduce number of vehicles on road but we can reduce stress of driving by following simple rules.