Saturday, October 15, 2011

Terrifying Traffic ...

Everybody driving in Pune must have something wrong with them, (Including me!). I always observe people just want to put their vehicle in any gap they can see on road and keep going ahead ! Then it doesn't matter if you are crossing road or you are taking round about exit or you are going from apposite direction side of the road !!

If you want to see to what extent people can be indisciplined on road, then come to Pune and stop at any road junction. We can see just disorder of going and upcoming vehicles. Not sure what happened to these all Pune people for not having patience for a single minute to wait while driving on road.

Irritating Pedestrians -

Pedestriens walking on road also need to think there are other vehicles also use road for commuting. Or rather I think people should not be allowed on road and road should be used only for vehicle traffic. Then question is what to do for people who walks .. answer is simple use 'footpath'. But our inefficient government is not providing footpaths on every road, and where they are constructed are used by sabji wale, pan tapari wale .... And so we should list these grievences to responsible person..

Impatient Drivers -
Pune's traffic police department should put very strict rules for driving on roads. And really people should learn to keep patience while driving. Just observing lane discipline can make significant improvement in Traffic jams.

Today's incidence only! due to load shading, traffic signals were not working and near Karishma chowk (karvenagar) vehicles started coming from all possible direction and what else we can expect when all vehicles on crossings try to go ahead, nothing else but huge chaos!!

Me and other 50-100 drivers were waiting for almost 30 mins to get a clear road. So I would like to request people to have 2-5 mins patience and let other vehicle cross/pass on road or chowk. So you will not lose your and other 100 people's precious 30-40 mins. I believe this is just a common sense, to let vehicle crossing road pass so other road will not block.

And there should be a mutual understanding to let vehicle pass off specific side.

So this is request to all my friends, colleagues, relatives .. let us decide to follow traffic rules and have some patience while driving this will definitely reduce traffic jams and life would be little easy on road. As we can't reduce number of vehicles on road but we can reduce stress of driving by following simple rules.

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